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How to tell your story

Focus on similarities and connection ~ this is SO important.

These are the 4 things to focus on:

  • Your Background
  • What you didn’t like/share your pain and vulnerability (be raw, authentic, honest and real.)
  • The Solution
  • How you feel about the future

Here is an example of a story:

I was suffering with some health challenges for years, I had; headaches, palpitations, terrible skin issues, pain, and mood swings.  All the docs and specialists I went to couldn’t nail down what was happening to me, they just wanted to give me medications or refer me to the next doctor. It was really scary because I was getting worse.

I learned that chemicals in the environment had built up over time and were compromising my body. I started to change out all the things that were toxic and hurting me, and I started feeling better and better. I learned that I needed to change what I put in my body, what I used for cleaning my home and clothes, my personal care products like toothpaste and deodorant, lotions, makeup and perfume. Changing the things I was in contact with daily made a huge difference.

Young Living has a ton of everyday products that are the best natural solution, easy to use and they smell great. I get lots of support from the people on our team. The longer I have been using YL, the more I feel my energy levels and enthusiasm growing. My friends keep telling me I look 10 years younger and that I have SO much energy, and, it’s true! Now I can’t help but share with people who want to learn how to improve their lives like I did mine. I show people how to help themselves to clean up and detox their lives, and I love coaching others on how to get their products for free, or even create a legacy income.

I can’t believe I’m getting paid so well to do what I would do anyway, sharing what I love!

Source: Eric Worre