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10 Day Challenge: Shannon Hudson

Shannon Hudson is someone I am waiting to meet. She has the unshakeable belief from her own experience of recovering from stroke symptoms within 20 mins of having the oils applied to her. She felt compelled to share and did so with the enthusiasm and purpose of a woman on a mission. If you have already listened to Shannon’s audios as suggested in the Daily Method of Operations, good for you this will be a review. Another pass at it in written form will reinforce the idea or help you learn it deeper.  Below, in her own words, is Shannon’s suggestion:

Take the 10 a day Challenge for 90 days!!

Here is the challenge. YOU talk to 10 new people about Young Living EVERYDAY for 90 days. That’s it!!

Here is what happens!!

How YOU can enroll 30 people in a month

  1. Control your time
    • YOU don’t want EVERYBODY… YOU want specific people who are looking for what YOU have!!
  2. Set the intention & do the action!
    • Literally decide to talk to 10+ people a day – market, library, gas station… everywhere you go.
    • Actually talk to 10+ without fail!

When you make a basic contact (10 a day) qualify the person to see:

  1. Do they have enough interest?
    • You don’t want to force yourself on them…if they don’t want it, hand them a flyer & walk away
  2. Do you like each other?
    • You can tell in the first 10 seconds if you would enjoy a conversation with someone.
    • Ask yourself, “Would I want to work with this person?”
  3. End the chit chat with setting up a meeting to talk one on one.
    • Sometimes that means you go sit somewhere & talk right now
    • Usually you will set an appointment for the next day at their house
    • If they don’t want to sit down & talk then you don’t want to waste the time anyway!!

At the 1 hour meeting—YOUR goal:

  1. Open the eyes of people—YOU want them to feel like oils are simply a necessary part of a regular healthy life style, just like water!
  2. Help them see their role in spreading that message!!
  3. Give them a passion for helping their loved ones live without disease!
  4. Show them the possible abundance that Young Living offers!
  5. Enroll them with a Premium Starter Kit & an auto ship with NingXia Red all that night!
    • If you are not enrolling & duplicating, YLEO is just a hobby!
  6. Set up 2 – 4 meetings with their closest friends & family in the next ten days
  7. Get them to the next area meeting—ALWAYS pick them up for the first one!

If you take the challenge…Here is the break down

  • If you talk to 10 a day, that is 300 basic contacts a month.
  • If only 10% of those basic contacts set up appointments, that is 30 – 1 hour meetings.
  • If only half decide to enroll, that is 15 new members.
  • If only half of your new members duplicate the process & host 1 meeting in there first 10 days & have 2 members enroll at each meeting. That is 16 new members!!
  • Total for the month 31 new members in the first month

o   Month 2 you give the challenge to all your NEW members & partner with 2 NEW legs!!

  • Month 2 YOU have 31 new members plus the 31 from last month
  • YOUR 2 NEW LEGS each have 31 NEW members
  • TOTAL MONTH 2 – 124 NEW members in 2 months!!

o   Month 3 Duplicate the results from Month 2~~

  • Your 2 NEW Builders will each hit Silver!! With a total of 124 in each of those legs!!
  • YOU will hit your next rank with a total of 341 NEW members!!
  • You cross stage as a NEW rank & Your 2 Key legs cross stage as their new rank!!
  • ALL 3 of you will have massive points towards the GLC!!

How do you follow up with all those new members?

YOU HAVE THEM FOLLOW YOU & JOIN THE MEETINGS!! The training is done in teams!! This is their business!! Only the ones that really want to change their health & finances are going to do it long term no matter HOW LONG you hold their hand!! If they want more, they better come to meetings, listen to conference calls, read books, listen to CDs ect… We teach weekly business classes after the Health classes. We teach all three Wellness, Purpose & Abundance during our weekly meetings.

This is another bit that I have found valuable from Shannon, recently posted for those signed up for The Boost by the Oola Guys:

What if?

This is super exciting thought to bring to the people you share with, in classes, in person, online. ‘What if’ is a concept that you can share with members to empower them to empower others. It comes from Shannon Hudson, who became a Silver in 3 months. She is now a Diamond.

This all started because a friend of hers had the passion to share, and they knew she could benefit from the oils. Shannon had been suffering for 20 years with many health challenges, including a stroke which left her with a lot of pain and partial facial paralysis and cloudy thinking, 6 fractured vertebrae… Shannon’s friend kept pestering her for months until she finally tried the oils. She had all of the Everyday Oils applied, and all the Raindrop Oils, and 25 minutes later her symptoms disappeared. She found her passion and knew she had to share, it was her moral obligation ~ this was too good to keep to her self.  At this same time her mother was going through breast cancer. After being introduced to the oils, 3 months later-her breast cancer was gone. INSTANT PASSION. Although she cannot share these specifics because of FDA compliance, you can understand why she has a great passion…and here it comes….”What if”

  • What if someone has lost hope in other options and needs to hear about Young Living?
  • What if you can help someone feel better supported?
  • What if these oils can help support someones emotional well being?
  • What if you share the oils with someone who is also looking for financial empowerment?
  • What if that person helps more people experience Wellness, Purpose and Abundance?
  • What if….

Watch the Oola video here.