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Grow Your Business

How many ways are there to grow your business? Think about it.
There are in person meetings, events. expos, and more. But. How many ways are there to grow your business? You may be surprised by the answer. There are 3:
  1. Increase the number of members you have on your team
  2. Increase the average size of the sale per order
  3. Increase the number of times members return and buy again

So let’s explore each of these individually:

1. Increase the number of members you have on your team-Group growth

  • This is, by far, the most important step in building your organization. No matter what rank you achieve you must ALWAYS continue to introduce NEW members to Young Living.
  • A small increase can make a HUGE impact, ongoing 10% growth has an amazing impact to your paycheck.

To achieve a 10% increase, you can continue to introduce NEW members. You can also work with existing members whom you notice are not ordering. Find out what their goals are for health and wellness, beauty, or financial empowerment. Help them understand the value of Essential Rewards.

GlendaSome folks won’t realize they are close to receiving the free monthly promo products. You can check in on your downline viewer, loom your cursor over the box for the ER drop date, and it will show you what amount PV they have in their cart. If they are just short of a monthly promo amount you can let them know. Most people appreciate the heads up! Read here to learn more about how I speak with my members about the free product opportunities, and how many wonderful ways there are to experience the products for free.

For a very visual document of the 3 and Free program, which shows how your new member could then share with 3 friends and get their oils for free, read Post: Forms and Handouts.

2. Increasing the amount of sales per order:

  • This is very important. When members are just getting started with the oils and have no exposure to what is possible, they won’t know what to try, or what the YL products can do. If they only get the Everyday Oils kit, how much have you really helped them? The NingXia is a substantially powerful beverage for wellness. It is so helpful in so many ways, it is my personal belief that EVERYONE should be drinking it. Or perhaps growththe member you are working with has allergies, or pain-and you need to support them to understand what is needed to really change their suffering. Perhaps the Sulfurzyme? Or the Alkalime-if they are too acidic this could be the key for them. The Zyto Compass is a great way to build excitement and hone in on what oils and supplements are going to help support each individual. It is important that they get results, and it is our duty to match them to the products that will help them or they won’t gain the benefit and they won’t re-order. From the get go explain your goals to help them find the correct products to fulfill their needs, and match them to those from the start. Post regularly on FB or other social media to educate the public and to grow the interest, you can use the graphics here and here are some pics of every oil in case you want to make your own. I like using Canva to create my graphics, it is free and easy and quick to learn.

3. Increase the number of times the member returns to purchase again:

  • Once they have the experience of success they will gain the understanding that there is value in the Young Living product line and be willing to explore more ~and it is up to us to educate them as to what is available. The Marketing Scents newsletter is an excellent tool, but it alone is not enough.
  • We must also offer ongoing classes, either Virtual or in person, via FB circle of connectionclasses or suggest a Skype meeting to your members who are remote, Meetups, FB events, email newsletters that are personalized, and more to explain further about the products. We can offer the classes according to seasonal themes, like “Slim down for the Summer”.
  • Post on your social media regularly with lovely graphics like these.
  • Consider creating your own YouTube channel and adding video content to launch into cyber space–increase your credibility and sphere of influence. Teach beyond the Essential Oils 101 and offer more advanced information. Or you can format a PowerPoint type of presentation video if you prefer.

Members will fall into at least one of these 3 categories:

  • Business Builder ~
  • Product User ~
  • Connector ~

The first two we understand, but what is a connector? Maybe someone enjoys the product and would like to share but is not interested in the business aspect. These people are Connectors. They are hesitant to teach or approach anyone, but would be open to introduce you to the people they know. You can offer to teach a class, either in person, via Skype if location is far away, or a FB class is even better, everyone can attend in their PJs!

So always consider how this can help you reach more people and line them up to the Young Living Lifestyle. You can meet with the Connector and their people for coffee to chat and always remember when The Connectors connect you, they get a hostess gift from you, as a thank you for their efforts of introducing. You can also arrange it with them if they are doing this regularly for you, that they can be learning how to help people become members too, if that is within their comfort zone. If it is not, the simple gift of an oil, or a home made Thieves oil spray or room deodorizer like Lavender water will keep them happily introducing!